First Nations Studies

Wisconsin has eleven federally-recognized Tribal Nations, all of which have substantially contributed to the state’s history.  Black River Falls lies on the northern edge of the 1837 land cession of the Hochungra people and our community has grappled with this shared history for 175 years.  Since the early 1990s, and in part encouraged by the legislation known as Act 31, we have attempted to develop our history and social studies curriculum to reflect the diverse stories of our national and regional histories.

Intro to First Nations Studies:  The Tribal World
Red Banks 3

Roughly 25% of our students have Native American heritage and our region reflects the rich ethnic diversity of Wisconsin as well.  In the fall of 2014 we began offering an elective course in collaboration with the First Nations Studies Program of UW-Green Bay that encourages students to explore this diversity.  The photograph here is of Mooga Šuc (Red Banks), the place of origin for the Hochungra people, according to their oral history.  This is looking north from the shoreline into Green Bay.  The following information gives you a sense of the types of things we explore within the class:

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