Papers, Document Studies, and Articles

The following papers, document-based studies reflect study programs I have attended and/or regional history I have explored during my career.  Most recently, I had an article published in the Autumn Edition (September 2021) of the Wisconsin Magazine of History that focuses on the complex relationship between Jacob Spaulding and the Indigenous people of the Black River Valley.  In addition, David O’Connor and I recently co-authored an article for the Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt “Shaped” Blog on infusing multiple narratives into our history classrooms.      

Pre-20th Century American History 
Washington and Slavery (2006)
Hamilton and Jefferson (1983)
Jefferson and the Indians (2000)
Joshua Glover and the Fugitive Slave Law (2008)
Jackson County Interprets Bleeding Kansas (2010)
Jackson County and Civil War Memory (2008)
The Frontier Hero Model (1980)
Spaulding’s Funeral (Wisconsin Magazine of History, Autumn 2021)

Modern American History
FDR and World Crisis (2007)
Ike, McCarthy, and the Election of 1952 (Document Study)
Red Cloud and the Power of Memory 2021 Revision
JFK and the Power of Imagery in Politics (1994)
Vietnam and American Memory (2005)

Articles of Interest
Project Traces Life of BRF Founder (2011)
BRF to Offer Ho-Chunk Studies (2014)
Rewriting History for the Better (2015)
Ho-Chunk Cultural Site Visited by High School Students (2019)
Wisconsin law says kids must be taught Native American issues (2020)
Infusing Multiple Narratives in History Classrooms (HMH “Shaped” Blog) (2021)

The following Thesis by Kendyl Reis provides an insightful exploration of the Wisconsin legislation known as Act 31. Thanks to Ms. Reis for her great work on this!

Implementing Act 31 in Wisconsin