Valuable Links for History Educators

Gilder Lehrman LogoProfessionally Relevant

The are organizations that I have found helpful along the way.

The Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History
Organization of American Historians
National Council for History Education
Wisconsin Indian Education Association
Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies
Wisconsin Historical Society
The Constitution Project
History News Network
What So Proudly We Hail
Cultural Survival

Recommended Scholarship

The following titles highlight some recent reading on my part and, in my estimation, illustrate outstanding scholarship.  

The Revolution Trilogy (Rick Atkinson)
The Indian World of George Washington (Colin Calloway)
Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom (David Blight)
War Under Heaven:  Pontiac, The Indian Nations, and the British Empire (Gregory Evans Dowd)

Summer Study Opportunities

These summer opportunities are invaluable for developing your knowledge base concerning the American story.  

Gilder-Lehrman Summer Institutes
NEH Landmarks of History Programs
Stratford-Hall Plantation Programs